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#1 Can we please just make online check-in a thing already? 🔑

We can online check-in comfortably for flights, so why isn't it the norm for hotels? 🤔

Look, it's not just us who think that:

Our take:
Guests are really not keen on in-person check-ins, especially after they've already done the digital legwork by sharing their deets online. Maybe it's time to nudge your PMS provider for an online check-in upgrade.

A smoother start could totally turn those guests' frowns upside down.

#2 A winning hotel bar concept🍹

We recently noticed that successful hotel bars not only offer affordable prices, but also offer interesting, yet simple, concepts that stand out from the crowd.

So, how could you do this? Well, why not starting with the classic cheese and wine menu?

Kick back with a glass of a full-bodied red and a custom cheese board. Guests can mix and match, find their fave combos, or discover something wildly new.

Brie and strawberries? Yum!

Keep the vibe casual, the prices friendly, and the options creative. Remember, you're crafting experiences that are insta-worthy and wallet-happy.

#3 Mini markets 🛒

Set the scene: You're a large hotel, plenty of guests, far away from stores and supermarkets but no-one is buying your hotel swag in the gift shop.

Well, ever considered a self service mini-mart? Some have already seen a 2.5x ROI within the first 2.5 months!

How does it work?

This idea is a self-service shop within hotels, restocked and run by the hotel (bye-bye ugly vending machines!).

The restock is run by pros like Wundermart and GrabScanGo, meaning it’s one logistic off your mind.

Are they working?

Data suggests:

  • Average product margins of 50%
  • The average transaction amount of €6
  • Purchase rate of occupied rooms at 30%

It's time to turn that gift store space into a profit 😉  

David Kijlstra deep-dived into this topic and shared his insights in this LinkedIn post.

#4 Hotel value calculator 🧮

Just a quick one before we go...

We'd like to introduce to you our cool, James Bond-esque gadget.

(Well, perhaps not that cool... but still cool!)

We present: Hotel Value Calculator

We merged 3 formulas to calculate value of your hotel into a simple calculator.

We're super proud of this, so make sure to check it out and tell us what you think!

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