Convert hotel site visits into reservations

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#1 Convert site visits into reservations 🎯

Site visits often get overlooked when booking group events.

At Surf Office, we schedule site visits with hotels about once a week and always touch base with both the hotel and the client beforehand.

Naturally, we've picked up a few nuggets of information along the way - here are some hints on how to make sure you convert all the site visits into reservations:

  1. Site visits are for confirmation, not a hard sell. Your venue’s already caught their eye – now it’s time to seal the deal.
  2. Site visits are crucial for larger groups or full buyouts. These clients want to see the venue in person before making a final decision. Show them you’re the perfect fit.
  3. Be completely aligned with the agency/event planner and do not share any different info with the client during their site visit. The client needs to feel fully aligned with the parties that organize their event. This gives the client extra trust that guarantees the success of their event.
  4. Clients often just want to see one room to make sure it matches the photos. No need to show off all 14 types of rooms.
  5. Know the event agenda and the client’s name. Nothing says “unprofessional” like an unprepared team member. It happens more often than you think.
  6. A standout move we saw recently? A hotel put the client’s logo on the meeting room screens. Small gestures like this can make a big impact.

#2 Free Brand Audit Tool 🎨

Imagine being able to fine-tune every single touchpoint in your guest's journey, making their stay truly unforgettable.With the help of Circa Studio, that's exactly what our Brand Imprint Framework is here to help you achieve.

Download this free audit tool that includes a 55+ page document and a detailed video walkthrough.

Think of it as a guide to help you assess, identify, and enhance your hotel's brand experience from the moment your guests discover you to when they check out.

#3 Turn the lights off on your way out... If you can 🤔

You might chuckle at the thought of instructions for a light switch, but consider this: what's routine for us can be a puzzle for someone from another country or culture.Take light switches—simple, right?

Not always for everyone! We can see from the picture above that someone couldn't quite grasp the concept of a pilot light to show the outdoor light was or that flicking the switch down causes the outdoor light to turn off.

That’s why I’m all for hotels that take that extra step to label what might be confusing. It’s a small act that speaks volumes about a hotel's commitment to guest care.

Like when I was at CitizenM New York last week, searching for the restrooms near the elevators...

A cleverly placed sign not only guided me but also brought a smile to my face. It’s the little things that truly enhance our experience and show that a hotel really thinks about the comfort of their guests from all corners of the world.

#4 It's time to re-think your hotel merch line 💡

As a hotelier, you can consider yourself lucky if your guests spend 10 to 15 nights a year at your property, but that leaves about 350 days when you're not on their minds.

No data, no deep relationship building, and, worst of all, they might even be tempted to try another brand.

But with some cool merchandise they can use every day, you'll stay top of mind and keep them coming back for more.

Take Mathias Coudert’s LinkedIn post as an example.

Supernova Hotel Rotterdam teamed up with Kinfill Care to create an air freshener that keeps Mathias, and probably many others, coming back for more.

It's a clever way to stay in your customers' minds—through their noses! Why not brainstorm new merch and ways to stay in the minds of your guests?

Every other Wednesday, we're dropping 4 hospitality tips right in your inbox.

You can
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