A must-utilize Apple Maps feature for your hotel

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#1 A must-utilize Apple Maps game-changer! 🗺️

Apple has upped its booking game, now letting potential customers book properties directly through Apple Maps.

Step aside Booking.com and Tripadvisor 😉

Spotted by Pritesh on X, this new feature makes reserving a spot easier than ever.

While Google Business Profile on Google Maps has long been the frontrunner, Apple Business Connect is quickly catching up, leaving no reason as to why you shouldn’t jump on board the hype train.

Not sure how to get involved?

Fear not, David Kijlstra has published a handy step-by-step guide to help you make the most of this new feature for your business.

In my opinion, there's no reason to miss out on this potentially profitable new feature—check it out and start boosting your bookings!

#2 Can dusk photos elevate luxury perception? 🌆

Earlier this month on X, Robin Dhar made an interesting discovery: the most viewed photo of a rental property on Redfin in the entire state of California was of a fence.

Excuse me, what?

So, what in the world happened here?! Well, I have to agree with Robin on this one, it does seem like there's a link between sexiness, property and dusk photos.

Diving into this myself, I found that 30-40% of the main pictures of luxury Airbnb homes are taken at dusk. With lights on.

We're on to something here folks!

#3 Take your hotel gym to the great outdoors! 🏋

We previously mentioned the idea of creating a "better hotel gym", where we ditch the unused space in your hotel and build a gym but here’s a new twist on the idea...

How about building an outdoor gym?

People adore outdoor gyms, and why not? It's the chance to get fit whilst enjoying a warm spring day.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to utilize those gorgeous outdoor spaces whilst turning the previous eye-sore gym space into a money maker.

I recently chatted with a hotelier from Central America who pulled a genius move—transforming their indoor gym into a coworking space and setting up an outdoor gym instead.

Sure, this might not fly in chilly Oregon or frosty Norway, but for warmer locales, it’s a no-brainer.

Oh, and not to mention they're a total magnet for influencers, check out Tulum Jungle Gym in Mexico!

#4 Ditch the sales blitzes & work smarter 🤓

What if we told you there are five better ways to find interesting businesses around your city hotel, without even stepping outside?

David Kijlstra has some powerful strategies that can give you an edge:

  1. Crunchbase: Discover fast-growing companies in your city that your competition isn’t targeting.
  2. Google Maps: Many hotel sales managers use Google Maps incorrectly. Google categorizes businesses like “Software Companies,” “Investment Banks,” and “Corporate Offices.” Type * followed by these terms in the search field to find great businesses nearby.
  3. Chamber of Commerce: Fast-growing companies often start in co-working spaces. Enter the address of your local WeWork or Spaces into the Chamber of Commerce database to find registered companies.
  4. Google Alerts: Companies often issue press releases when opening a new office. Set up Google Alerts with terms like “opens office Copenhagen” or “opening office London” to get instant notifications of new businesses in your market.
  5. With LinkedIn (especially Sales Navigator), you can identify the most interesting accounts in a city within 1-2 hours.

Get the entire low down by checking out David Kijlstra’s full post on LinkedIn!

Every other Wednesday, we're dropping 4 hospitality tips right in your inbox.

You can
subscribe here.

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