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#1 Check availability 📈

We all know that the right choice of words is key when engaging with customers IRL.But many forget this golden rule when it comes to interacting with people online.

In 2017, Maggie Stanphill and her Google team made a simple yet impactful change by swapping the “Book a room” button for “Check availability”.

This tweak led to a notable 17% boost in user engagement. It turns out, this softer, less committal language was more in tune with users who weren't quite ready to make a booking decision.

Since this big change, many online travel agencies and hotels have started using this new idea to interact with customers and have seen great results.

This marked a long-term shift in how companies reach out to people who may become potential clients/customers.

I opened nine random hotel websites, and all of them had some variation of the "Book Now" button.

Perhaps it's something you can test yourself 😉

#2 Clean your carpets 🧽

Some of you reading this may be old enough to remember when carpets in toilets were a thing.

Terrible idea, right? Not to mention how unhygienic it was, too.

Yet, some still opt for carpets in event venues, and while you may be able to get away with one in this setting, you’re going to have to keep on top of it.

Sharing a pearl of wisdom on LinkedIn, Rafat Ali has wove together advice and a gentle nudge, highlighting an often-neglected truth.

Worn-out carpets don't just tell tales of countless footsteps, they scream "neglect" louder than microphone feedback.

So let's not have your legacy be a threadbare tapestry. Invest in fresh flooring and watch your ROI (and possibly your guest list) grow.

It's time to roll out the (new) red carpet and let the magic unfold on a plush, unworn stage.

#3 Mendo box 🎁

The Brewery Gulch Inn & Spa in Mendocino, CA, has really thought outside the box… by putting dinner inside one.

The ‘Mendo Box’ is their own version of Japan’s famous bento boxes where you receive a culinary treasure chest each evening, packed with a mini feast: an entrée, salad, rice, and dessert.

They state that it’s your meal ticket to anywhere; you can cozy up in your room, claim a spot on the deck, or embark on an adventurous picnic along the cliffs.

Why expand the dining room when you can transform the entire outdoors into a place to eat?

#4 The Iceman Inn-cubator ❄️

"The Wim Hof Hotel", an initiative by the famous ‘Ice Man’, demonstrates how a personal brand can evolve into a global phenomenon, boasting 1000 instructors worldwide.

Since 2015, Hof has breathed (excuse the pun) new life into what might otherwise be considered a mundane hotel in Poland, securing 70% of its capacity for his retreats and instructor training sessions.

Nestled near the Czech border and within reach of Snezka, the highest Czech peak, this hotel has transformed into a pivotal hub for those eager to learn Hof's renowned techniques.

It’s not without its plaudits either, as the hotel boasts a very respectable 8.2 on (at the time of writing).

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