Hotel Meeting Room Calculator

Pick the right meeting room for your clients


This configuration is ideal for fostering small group interactions, with separate circular tables for each group. It's an excellent choice for events focused on building connections and facilitating group dynamics, particularly in remote team settings.


Arranged with attendees at individual tables in a half-moon shape, all facing towards a central point, this layout is conducive to active engagement in presentations and interactive sessions, especially during employee induction programs.


Designed to promote interactive discussions and easy movement for a facilitator, this setup forms a U-shape that enhances the connection between the speaker and the audience. It's particularly effective for collaborative sessions and project debriefings.


This arrangement features an open-ended circle that allows a speaker to move around easily, fostering active participation from the audience. Ideal for team-building and onboarding activities, it encourages both verbal and physical involvement.


Characterized by orderly rows of seats with writing surfaces, this traditional layout is suited for educational and informational events where attendees are expected to take notes, such as seminars and workshops.


A classic setup for smaller, more focused meetings, this layout features a central table with participants seated around it, facing each other. It's particularly suited for executive meetings, small briefings, and discussions where note-taking and direct interaction are key.

Hollow Square

This layout forms a square with an open center, encouraging equal participation and collaboration among attendees. It's ideal for brainstorming sessions, collaborative problem-solving, and innovative workshops, as it removes hierarchical barriers.


Designed with a focus on a central stage or presentation area, this layout is optimal for events where audience interaction is minimal. Suitable for product launches and large gatherings, it allows for efficient space utilization and accommodates large groups effectively.