A secret hotel bar in the room no. 8

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#1 Room number 8, please 🍹

Tucked away behind a bamboo wall, The Green Lady Cocktail Room at the White Sands Hotel in Oahu offers a speakeasy vibe that transports you right back to the Roaring '20s.

This hidden gem serves up a Prohibition-inspired cocktail menu in an intimate setting that seats just 20, making every night feel like an exclusive affair.

For hotels looking to spice up their offerings, The Green Lady serves as a perfect example of how you can create a unique experience out of small space in the hotel.

Oh, and in true Prohibition-era style, to gain access to this joint, you'll need to ask reception for the "Green Lady" or request Room 8.

But we didn't tell you that...

#2 The 'ugly duckling' of hotel spaces 🐤

The Novotel Schiphol transformed a forgotten courtyard into a vibrant, green event space that's as flexible as it is beautiful.

Previously just an unused patio, this area has been completely reinvented under the guidance of General Manager Floris Licht and the creative minds at Leaf.

The coolest feature?

Hidden doors big enough to drive cars through for eye-catching product launches.

This clever makeover turned a dusty, unkept corner into a bustling profit center, proving that even the most overlooked spaces can become gold mines with a little imagination!

Props to David Kijlstra for spotting this great nugget of info!

#3 Spend a day in your own shoes 👟

Ever dashed across a slippery hotel bathroom floor, mid-shower, in search of shampoo that’s oddly perched by the sink instead of in the shower where it belongs?

It’s a cold, wet (and naked) adventure that could be avoided if hotel managers sampled their own services more often.

Will Guidara, of Pre-Meal: The Newsletter, cleverly pointed out that perhaps one of the best ways to understand and improve the guest experience is by personally experiencing the services your business offers.

Whether it’s staying in your hotel, calling your customer support line, or using your own products, these experiences can reveal valuable insights.It’s a practice that can lead to impactful, cost-effective improvements—like ensuring complimentary shampoos are right where they should be, in the shower.

And who knows what else you may uncover in the process, too.

#4 How hotels could join the marathon fleet 🏃

If you’re heading to, or well into your 30’s, you may recall recently seeing many of your friends plastering half marathons all over their Insta stories.

But why is this?

Well, apart from the obvious health benefits, marathons are now as trendy as Fashion Week, according to the Financial Times.

Brands like Bandit and Patta are embracing this by launching exclusive running gear, with Patta even teaming up with Nike.

Interestingly, this fitness fashion wave is also influencing hotel stays.

For instance, runners at Patta’s club end their Sunday jogs at The Hoxton in Amsterdam for a quick juice.

Mathias Coudert points out in his most recent Linkedin post that hotels have a unique opportunity to tap into this trend.

By organizing things like group runs sponsored by the hotel and even offering tailored quick bites for breakfast, hotels can create a community vibe that some runners may not have had in the past.

Essentially, hotels can become a hotspot for running enthusiasts whilst keeping the word-of-mouth game strong, too.

Every other Wednesday, we're dropping 4 hospitality tips right in your inbox.

You can
subscribe here.

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