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#1 Indie vs. Franchise? Our new tool has the answers 🛠️

Deciding whether to franchise your hotel or go independent is a significant choice that requires a lot of time and effort to make the right decision for you.

That's why we launched a new free tool to make the decision-making process easier for you.

We’ve packed it with 50 questions that touch on everything from operations to marketing, but don’t worry—it'll only take about five minutes to complete.In just a few clicks, you’ll have a clear answer, saving you from endless back-and-forths and those sleepless nights.

#2 Time to get hot on those replies! 🏎️💨

Last month, the HITEC conference was buzzing with insights, and one standout came from the folks at Duetto.

They revealed that the first hotel to respond to a group inquiry significantly increases their chances of confirming a reservation by up to 70%.

We've noticed a similar trend at Surf Office: hotels that are slow to respond often miss out on a lot of business.

Crafting a proposal for hotels in Europe can sometimes take a week.

We get it—you’re busy, and so is your revenue team. Maybe all group bookings are centralized at your HQ, where it takes time.

Remember the Eisenhower Matrix from that self-help book you read 10 years ago?I

t emphasizes that optimizing response times to RFPs is a non-urgent but important task that can significantly boost your TRevPAR.

So, why not prioritize speedy replies and see what it can do for your bookings?

#3 Co-working pass & free gym? Yes, please! 🙋‍♂️

Social Hub, a hybrid hospitality chain in Europe, has rolled out an exciting new Facebook Ad that caught my attention.

Each Social Hub location features not only a coworking space but also a gym – a combination you don't often see in hotels.

To stand out from the myriad of coworking spaces in the city, Social Hub has sweetened the deal with free gym access for all coworking members.

Now, that's something most coworking spaces just can't compete with.

#4 How hotel elevator can 'lift' your revenue ☝

I recently visited the Whitney Museum, and it quickly became my favorite art space in NYC, even topping the MET and MOMA!

Besides the incredible art, one thing that truly inspired me was their innovative navigation panel next to the elevator.

Hotel elevators are, from a marketing perspective, one of the most underutilized spaces.

Sure, you can stick up paper posters about happy hour at the rooftop restaurant, but nothing beats the power of personalization.

These days, you can easily and affordably install a panel like the one at the Whitney and customize the content based on the day and time.

Here's a quick mockup I made:

Every other Wednesday, we're dropping 4 hospitality tips right in your inbox.

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