Guide to Hotel Room Sizes

As a hotel owner, you should understand how much hotel room size matters to guests. You might have families or individuals traveling for business or pleasure who want a room that’s a certain size. When they see a room that is described in a particular way on your hotel’s website, they will expect the standard of square footage for that type of room when they arrive. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the average hotel room size. We’ll also talk about the differences that you can expect in hotel rooms depending on how you see them described.

What is the Average Size Room in a Hotel?

In Canada and the United States, you can expect the average hotel room to be about 325 square feet, which is the equivalent of 30 square meters for anyone who uses the metric system. This is considered to be a standard hotel room in a regular hotel. 

If someone is staying at a hotel that is being described as luxury or premium, that hotel’s average room will be more like 400-600 square feet, which is the equivalent of 37 to 56 square meters. If someone books a suite at a resort, they can expect their hotel’s room size to be the equivalent of one that is being described as luxury or premium.  

An Estimate and Breakdown of Hotel Room Sizes

If someone is searching for a hotel room for themselves, their family, and possibly other traveling companions as well, they may look for rooms based on size. If so, they can expect to find three basic hotel room sizes that are well known to individuals in the industry and veteran travelers. 

Those three hotel room types are standard, deluxe, and suites. They range from smallest to largest in that order. 

Let’s talk about each one of these in turn. We’ll mention how big you should expect each one to be, and also some additional features someone will probably look for depending on which one they decide to book.

Standard Hotel Rooms

A standard hotel room is the size that we mentioned earlier. Look for it to be approximately 325 square feet or 30 square meters, unless the hotel’s website specifically says something different. 

These types of hotel rooms usually come at the lowest base point that the hotel offers. They will also have the accommodations that the hotel considers to be the most basic.

What Can You Expect in a Standard Hotel Room? 

With a standard hotel room, you can typically expect functionality and comfort at a price point most people will be able to afford. A standard room will have a modest size that a couple or a solo traveler will appreciate. Look for a comfortable bed, a chair, and a small desk or table. 

You should not expect any luxury amenities in a standard room, but you will likely find a coffee maker, a TV, a phone, and a mini-fridge.

The bathroom you will find in a standard room is usually of the on-suite variety. There will be standard toiletries there.

The standard hotel room is traditionally priced lower than the luxury hotel room or a suite. You will get functionality and basic comfort with one, but you’re not seeing the same sort of luxurious treatment or additions the other two options will provide.

Who Will Most Appreciate a Standard Hotel Room?

These rooms are best for travelers who want a safe and comfortable place to spend the night. A tourist who plans to spend the majority of their time exploring the town or city in which the hotel is located will do well with this choice. 

A couple or individual on a tight budget will like one of these rooms. Another option might be a business traveler who needs a simple space to sleep, relax, and work. 

Now, let’s move on to deluxe rooms.

Deluxe Hotel Rooms

If you’re looking for a luxurious design and more spaciousness than you would get in a standard room, that is when you would look for a deluxe hotel room. The guests who stay in one of these hotel rooms will expect more square footage than what they’d get with a standard one. 

Most deluxe hotel rooms will have anywhere from 400 to 600 square feet, or the equivalent of 37-56 square meters. The layout of these types of rooms is meticulously planned out. Guests can expect maximum functionality and comfort when they rent one. 

What Can You Expect in a Deluxe Hotel Room?

A deluxe hotel room is typically thought of as being a step up from a standard room. There are certain amenities that will usually reflect that. This is why you can expect a higher price point for deluxe hotel rooms.

In a deluxe hotel room, you will usually see high-quality bedding, often with a higher thread count. You might also get plush bathrobes for the guests to wear. The entertainment system might very well be state of the art. You will also usually see premium toiletries. 

Additional perks are also possible. If someone rents one of these rooms, they may get complimentary access to the hotel’s spa or gym. These rooms may feature a Nespresso coffee machine or something similarly high end. You will also usually see a mini-bar in one of these rooms. 

If someone rents one of these rooms, they are probably doing so with the idea of having a more memorable and luxurious experience. Extra comfort should be assured with this kind of room.

Who Will Most Appreciate a Deluxe Hotel Room?

Upscale business travelers may be willing to get a deluxe hotel room over a standard one. Someone like an executive will likely be able to pay the extra money for a deluxe room. 

In addition to the other perks we mentioned, you might find a dedicated work area with modern office amenities to aid with productivity. Executives who have work to do while on their trip will likely appreciate this. 

Individuals or couples intent on having a more indulgent experience may also be willing to rent one of these rooms. Perhaps you might have a couple who is celebrating a wedding anniversary or a birthday. 

Now, let’s move on to suites, the third and generally most expensive type of hotel room you’re likely to find. 

Hotel Suites

Hotel suites are commonly thought of as the most luxurious quarters you can get in a hotel. If one of your guests is willing to pay for a suite in your hotel, they will expect the royal treatment. 

Paying for a suite signals that they want to be pampered and treated as a VIP. Accordingly, you should make sure your suites represent the epitome of what your hotel has to offer. 

The average size of a hotel suite can vary dramatically depending on what kind of hotel you own and where it is located. A suite might be as small as 430 feet or as much as 4,000. That is the equivalent of 40-372 square meters.

What Can You Expect to Find in a Suite?

These types of rooms should be spacious and well appointed. The superior level of accommodation should immediately be on display when a guest enters. Guests who want the most indulgent of experiences are usually the ones willing to pay extra for a suite.

A suite should not just be large enough for the individual or couple staying there. There should also be ample space for some additional friends who might want to stop by and spend some time. 

That is why you will often want to have a separate living area in a suite in addition to the master bedroom. Some suites have multiple bedrooms, as well as a living room with couches and an enormous TV. 

You will also probably want these rooms to have large kitchens and dining areas. There may be a sunroom. Suites usually have either a terrace or balcony as well, usually with impressive views. 

You will often see many different amenities in or attached to a suite in order to enhance the experience of staying there as much as possible. The bathrooms will have high-end toiletries. There is normally a spacious bathroom with a separate shower and tub.

Many suites come with a safe where guests can store any valuables they have with them. Suites usually have walk-in closets and king-size beds. They often have either a jacuzzi or hot tub.   

If someone pays for a suite, that will almost always get them access to the hotel’s gym or spa. The guests staying there will likely expect dedicated concierge service if they need anything. There may be a private lounge in the hotel that is only accessible to suite guests. 

Who Will Most Appreciate a Suite?

Anyone who wants the most opulent of hotel experiences can pay for a suite. Since the cost can be anywhere from multiple hundreds of dollars to several thousand per night, only individuals or couples who can afford that will be able to stay there.

Couples who are celebrating special occasions might get a suite if they want a step up from a luxury or deluxe room. Couples on their honeymoon might go with this choice. 

You might also see a company’s CEO stay in one of these rooms. Basically, anyone who has the money and also enjoys the finer things in life will want to rent a suite if they can. 

Suites provide a level of comfort that’s virtually impossible to match in any of a hotel’s other rooms. That is why most hotels only have a few suites available. 

Why Hotels Want All Three of These Room Types

No two hotels are created equal, and not all hotels will have standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and suites. However, many of them do. 

Having three room types available is something for which many guests are looking. Whatever it is that brings them to your part of the world, they will have a certain amount of money they’re comfortable spending. They will also want particular amenities depending on which room type they get. 

You Can Upsell to Guests if You Have Different Room Types

There are various ways you can upsell to guests as a hotel owner. Having different room sizes with various amenities attached to them is an easy way to do it. 

Hotel room size can also have an impact on KPIs, shorthand for key performance indicators. The size of each hotel room can impact how many guests might comfortably stay in each room. For the most part, you can expect larger rooms to fit more guests. This can increase your hotel’s occupancy rate. 

Higher occupancy rates mean more guests are staying in your hotel. That usually translates to your establishment having more revenue coming in.

Think About How You Can Make Your Hotel’s Different Rooms Stand Out

As a hotel owner, you always want guests to have an enjoyable experience in your establishment. There are all kinds of ways you can ensure that happens, but taking advantage of different hotel room sizes is one of the most fundamental strategies you can employ. 

You will presumably price your standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and suites differently, but the different amounts of square footage in each type of room is only one thing that guests will want to see. They will also want the various amenities that we mentioned earlier. 

The higher price tag that a guest is willing to pay for a stay in a deluxe room or a suite should come with additional comforts and considerations that the average guest staying in a standard room will not get. This is not to say that you should not treat each guest with the same level of care and courtesy. However, those who book a deluxe room or especially a suite are looking for the royal treatment. 

Consider the differences in not just room size but also how they are appointed as you look to increase occupancy and get more revenue from your hotel.

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