Hotel bakery and specialty coffee

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#1 Ensure your hotel 'rises' to the top 🍞

David Kijlstra recently shared some fascinating insights on LinkedIn, focusing on how a simple idea like adding a bakery to a hotel can make a world of difference.

Imagine walking into a hotel lobby and being greeted by the irresistible aroma of fresh bread.

Psychologically, it's been proven to be a driving force in bakery sales, so why not apply this to the hotel scene?

He brings to life this concept with real-world examples from places like the Rex Hotel in Switzerland, the vibrant Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam and Hotel Praktik Bakery in Barcelona, showing how they've become community favorites and marketing sensations.

Gordon Ramsey was right, you’re an idiot sandwich if you’re not considering this!

#2 Filling dance floors and... meeting rooms?! 🕺

DJs Mr. Belt & Wezol showed off the first-ever moving DJ booth club on Instagram and it got us thinking... How great would this be for meeting spaces?!

Sometimes, you hire a meeting space for a small team and but have to send a mail pigeon every time you want to raise your thoughts; they're so large!

Well, with this idea, your meeting space can be customized based on the participants.

Gone is the need for multiple-sized rooms. With this idea, you'll need one large room and have the ability to change the size based on the needs. Simples.

#3 'Unreasonable Hospitality' review 📚

Head of Expansion at Surf Office, Bruno, has dropped his thoughts on what he calls the hospitality industry's must-read, 'Unreasonable Hospitality'.

Here’s Bruno's take:

  • This book is a game-changer for the hospitality world, proving there's so much more to guest experiences than just keeping a restaurant afloat.
  • It's packed with golden advice on reigniting your love for the job and making sure your team is just as passionate.
  • The real takeaway? Success in hospitality isn't about the fanciest venues or the most stylish decor, it lies in believing in your mission.

Grab yourself a copy now, it’s a real game-changer.

#4 Is coffee the key to hotel success? ☕

In a recent LinkedIn post, Hospitality specialist, Mathias Coudert, shares how coffee is reshaping the hotel industry.

He states how hotels are evolving to offer more than just a place to stay; they're becoming lively community centers, with specialty coffee at the heart of this transformation.

For example, The Disloyalty Membership Program by Ennismore cleverly uses the appeal of free daily coffee to draw in locals, making the hotel a bustling spot, while the membership fee helps cover costs.

Similarly, CitizenM Bowery has turned its lobby into Soho's go-to place for remote work, all because of a delicious cup of coffee.

By integrating specialty coffee into their spaces, hotels are reinventing themselves as destinations, connecting with the community and enhancing their revenue through more than just room bookings.

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